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Get redPIPE

Become a redPIPE reseller today!

redPIPE service is sold through our Reseller network. Apply today to become a redPIPE reseller. If you are an end user and would like service please contact us. We will direct you to the redPIPE reseller in your area.

Once your Reseller application has been approved you will receive the current pricing plans and credentials to the redPIPE Reseller portion of our website. You will be able to place orders for equipment and data plans directly from the site or via phone.

You can select from a variety of redPIPE approved equipment required for your installation. If a router that supports fail over to USB AirCard, embedded modem or SIM card exists on premise you also have the option to order the AirCard or SIM. *redPIPE is CDMA compatible.

All equipment is pre-activated and ready to install. The static IP information will be provided to you via email prior to equipment arrival.