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What is redPIPE Wireless?

redPIPE Wireless Backup Internet Service

Provide your clients reliable failover internet services, packaged under your name

Being able to provide your clients with a reliable backup internet service, in case your service fails, is clearly a necessity. Many businesses rely on the constant and uninterrupted flow of an internet connection. By providing an alternative failover internet service, you can offer your clients peace of mind that they’ll remain connected, no matter what.

But as an ISP, what’s more troubling than having to install a competitor’s service as a backup internet service? The idea of inviting your competitors into the relationship you’ve built with your customers certainly does not make business sense. But what other option do you have?

You have redPIPE.

Backup Internet Service Through 3G/4G/LTE

Until now, your best option as an ISP was to offer a competitor’s service as your failover internet option. This not only invited competitors into the fray, but it did little to build your brand as a reliable internet provider.

With redPIPE, however, all that has changed. Harnessing the power and reliability of 3G/4G/LTE, redPIPE offers you the chance to sell failover internet to your customers, packaged under your own name.

As a redPIPE reseller, you’ll stop outsourcing your failover internet connection to other providers and will earn a new, residual revenue stream.

The Benefits of the redPIPE Backup Internet Service

When you become a redPIPE reseller, you have instant access to a reliable failover internet service that can be used to build your brand and reputation as the leading ISP in your market.

With redPIPE:

  • You have no long-term contracts (we do month-to-month)
  • Our static IPs are free
  • You don’t pay a monthly device charge
  • You no longer have to install your competitors’ service as a failover internet connection

Why Choose 3G/4G/LTE As Your Backup Service?

One of the biggest culprits behind downed internet service is a power outage or failure. But even when there’s a massive power outage that affects many of your clients, a wireless connection - through 3G/4G/LTE - is typically still operational. By being able to use this reliable alternative as your backup internet service, you’re able to offer your clients constant connectivity, even if the power goes out. Few other providers can make such a claim.

Not Just Any Backup Internet Service - Your Backup Internet Service

Any ISP realizes the importance of providing a failover internet service to their clients. But not every ISP realizes they can offer this service through their own brand. With redPIPE Wireless Internet Service, you can cement yourself as the most reliable ISP on the market.

Find out how, now.