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Failover Internet - A Necessity For The Storm Season

The Atlantic storm season is upon us - having officially opened on June 1 - and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts at least six named hurricanes before the end of the year. While that number is significantly smaller than usual, one only has to recall that non-hurricanes, like "Super Storm" Sandy, can still wreak billions of dollars in damage, without making the grade as a hurricane. The damage from Sandy was so extreme that phone companies decided to not even replace original copper lines in many areas. That means folks hit by Sandy need to find a new way to keep in touch, as the phone lines of the 20th century were ripped apart, washed away, and won't be replaced.

And while hurricane season is as common to the Atlantic as snow in February, no one is ever fully ready for the potential havoc brought upon people and businesses in the wake of Mother Nature. Of course these days, the Atlantic isn't the only part of the country feeling the wrath. Tornadoes can appear anytime throughout the year, but the northern Plains, Midwest and Ohio Valley see an increase during the summer months. And while everyone discusses the Atlantic hurricane season, the Pacific states are not immune either. From June through November, California and even as far north as Washington see the effects of dozens of hurricanes that stir up in the waters, including tsunami warnings and flooding.

In short, this is a rocky time of year, especially if you own a business. Power outages and lost Internet connections are the last thing your business needs when a storm hits. Downtime means lost money. Most businesses can't afford that type of catastrophe. But how can you ensure that you remain connected no matter what Mother Nature throws at you?

It takes a special kind of failover Internet service.

Using a backup cellular network is your sure-fire way of remaining connecting during the storm season

Internet connections are bound to fail. It's not so much an issue of an ISPs quality, but that the inevitable will eventually happen. Power lines are cut down accidentally. Floods damage networks. Storms and high winds disrupt service. In a world where connection is everything, we still haven't found a way to become immune to external elements.

But redPIPE has the solution.

redPIPE provides 3G/4G/LTE backup/failover Internet service. This type of wireless backup Internet service is the most effective failsafe option available, and you only need to look at the upcoming storm season to realize why.

When storms hit, cable TV is one of the first things to go, followed soon by your electricity in general. Both of these elements are most likely what fuel your primary Internet connection. If your cable and electricity are out, how then can your business operate and continue to make money?

The answer is simple - your wireless connection.

With wireless backup Internet, you're always connected

Even when your electricity is out, chances are your smartphones and tablets are still operational. That's because they work with satellites that are nowhere near the center of any storm. Now imagine being able to operate your entire business through that wireless connection while your ISP and utilities department work hard to reconnect you to your primary source. redPIPE makes it happen. In fact, we've mastered the technology so precisely that it's essentially impossible to detect when your primary connection falters, and when redPIPE's backup connection kicks in.

And that's the point, isn't it? To be able to have a backup Internet plan without having to know when it works? At redPIPE, our goal is to be as invisible to your service as possible. You want constant connection - no matter what hits. Your primary Internet connection won't always be able to offer you that. redPIPE can ensure you remain connected to your customers, cloud-based services, eCommerce engines and everything else that keeps your business running.

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