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How To Provide Private Label Backup Internet To your Customers

Providing backup/failover internet to your customers is a necessity. While most providers tout a rather impressive reputation for staying connected, nothing is 100%, particularly when you factor in man-made errors and natural events and disasters. Your clients' information is far too important for them - and you - to rely on one single connection.

As such, you provide your clients with a backup internet connection that protects them from connection failures, while giving you the opportunity to keep your customers connected. But is your failover internet service a white label backup internet service? If not, you're losing out on the opportunity to push your branding and solidify the relationship you have with your clients. Here's how.

Why white label backup internet will help you keep your customers and win over new ones

Many internet providers are forced to invite one of their competitors into their client-customer relationship in an effort to provide an alternative technology for their backup internet. It makes sense, of course. You can't offer your own connection as a secondary, backup connection, because if your connection fails, your clients are left disconnected.

But there is a way to provide an alternative backup connection without helping your competitors essentially market to your customers and potentially win them over. redPIPE wireless provides white label backup internet options (often referred to as private label backup internet).

As a redPIPE reseller, you enjoy the benefits of white label internet backup services, meaning we don't put our redPIPE name or branding anywhere on the software. Instead, what we do is we brand the software with your logo, name and information. What this does is make your client believe that you're the company providing both primary, and backup connections. This gives you the opportunity to push your brand and build your relationship with your clients, without the interference of competitors. Furthermore, as an ISP that is capable of providing backup internet, you also become far more attractive to new end users looking for an easy solution to their connection needs.

What types of white labeling do we offer?

White labeling is a bit of broad title. As a redPIPE reseller, you'll enjoy complete white-labeling benefits, meaning we customize all of the following for you:

  • The title of the application when it's in operation
  • The name of the application
  • Installer title and splash pages
  • A help URL (we'll automatically create a help page that includes your branding)
  • License agreement

By customizing and branding each of these components, we ensure that your endusers have no knowledge that any other company is involved in their internet connection process. You, alone, become the primary, and backup solution.

Other benefits of choosing redPIPE wireless as your private label backup internet option

The purpose of a failsafe internet connection is to ensure that the end user is constantly connected, no matter what the disaster. This is why redPIPE continues to lead the way. As a 3G/4G/LTE backup internet provider, redPIPE is all but impervious to man-made or natural disasters. When hurricanes and floods hit, normal power lines are compromised, but cell phone towers remain intact. When a construction worker knocks down a poll or digs up a cable, power lines will fail. But the mobile connection offered by 3G/4G/LTE will prevail.

The redPIPE technology ensures that there is no delay or hiccup if and when the primary connection falters. The end user will have no idea that their service is now run by redPIPE's backup service. Instead, they'll continue to assume that their internet provider - you - continues to provide them constant connectivity, no matter what. That is the foundation of a long-lasting client-customer relationship.

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