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What's the Benefits to Having a Static IP for Your Business?

redPIPE resellers receive free static IPs as part of the benefits of becoming a reseller of our 3G/4G/LTE Internet Failover services. But why are static IPs better for businesses than, say, a dynamic IP? The majority of consumers out there connect to the Internet using a dynamic IP address, meaning their address changes every time they log on. The reason for this, of course, is because there are only so many combinations of IPs available in the world (roughly 4.3 billion possible combinations, which isn't all that much when you consider that every single device that connects online needs to use an IP address). By using dynamic IPs for their consumers, Internet providers are able to reuse and allocate these addresses to a large group of people.

That might be fine and good for the average user; however, businesses often need more advanced Internet features, which is why an unchanging, static IP address is necessary.


When might your business need or want a static IP address?

  • Businesses and companies that host their own file or ftp server, or receive large files on at least a semi-regular basis will benefit from the security and stability of the static IP addresses provided by redPIPE. Whenever a company is in the business of sending or receiving large files from clients or colleagues, they will likely investigate setting up their own FTP server to make the process easier. Your suppliers and clients will have a far easier time connecting to your server if you're on a static IP address.
  • Not all businesses need an FTP server, but many businesses prefer to host their own website or domain name server. In order to do this, you'll need the power of a redPIPE static IP address. This gives you greater control and security over the performance of your website, and how it responds to your users who are trying to access it. When you host your domain on a dynamic IP address, then you could be sharing your space with a company that sends out tons of SPAM, which could get the IP address blacklisted (leaving you in the dark).
  • VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is far more reliable and consistent when used alongside a static IP address. More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of VOIP for their communication needs, as this form of communication cuts their costs considerably. One concern many companies have is the performance of their VOIP; however, they'd see a drastic improvement in the quality of their conversations if they had a static IP address.
  • You enjoy far less downtime. Every time your IP address is refreshed (with a dynamic IP address), you run the risk of downtime from the server. For the average individual user, this is no big deal. But for companies that rely on constant connectivity, this could be a costly hindrance. As the leaders in failover Internet service, there's a reason redPIPE offers static IP addresses - our mission is to always keep our clients connected, and static IP addresses make that happen.
  • Connect to your computer from anywhere. With a static IP address, you have the benefit of connecting to your machine from anywhere in the world.


We're in the age of reliability

There once was a time when the Internet was a luxury. We sat patiently by while dial-up did its thing, and we suffered through deathly-slow load times. But that was a long time ago. These days, the Internet is home to our most secure and important documents and data. Business thrives online, meaning downtime is not an option.

At redPIPE, we've worked tirelessly to deliver a solution to the inevitable downtime syndrome. Our 3G/4G/LTE backup Internet service ensures that clients are constantly connected, no matter what man-made or natural disaster strikes. Static IP addresses allow us to ensure this level of constant connectivity, high performance, and security, which is why we offer these addresses as part of our reseller program.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a redPIPE reseller.

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