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The Importance of Backup Internet to Survive the Hurricane Season

Images of June conjure up sunny days, comfortable nights, and an easy going living. June means summer's arrived, which usually brings a smile to most of our faces. But June 1 also marks another season, one that isn't as friendly or carefree - hurricane season.

From June 1 to November 30 the Atlantic hurricane season is active, meaning at any moment a massive storm could blanket states from Texas to Maine, causing massive flooding, power outages and more. With an average of 6 storms per season turning into hurricanes (and 2.5 of these storms becoming massive storms of category 3 or higher), businesses need to prepare for hurricane season, and the power outages that are all but an inevitability.

How can businesses prepare for hurricane season? By ensuring they have backup internet service to keep their business running, no matter what type of disaster approaches.

Businesses and backup internet - stay up and running during hurricane season

Internet service providers that provide backup and failover internet service  - in addition to their primary service - stand apart from competitors. That's because the failover option gives businesses a peace of mind that no matter what disaster befalls their area, they can still be in operation.

Take, for example, a business located in the deep South, such as in Alabama, or Louisiana. While a hurricane might wreak havoc in this area of the world, there's a good chance that companies located here are doing business with customers throughout the country, or even world. The power of the internet has unleashed the ability of companies to become global forces, no matter how large or small they are. 

With this ability, it's even more important that an ISP offer backup internet options. But what failover internet option is the best to offer?

With wireless failover internet service, you increase your chances of remaining online

Many ISPs offer a failover internet service that's not too different from their own primary service. What this does, however, is provide end users with very little peace of mind. If power goes out due to a hurricane, why would the failover service remain operational when the primary service is down?

The best way to avoid this catastrophe is with the use of wireless failover internet service, through 3G/4G/LTE, as provided by redPIPE. Wireless backup internet service will ensure that if the power is out in any given area, businesses can still remain connected, through the power of modern technology. With fast connections and stellar reliability, the wireless service offered through redPIPE is second to one.

Why lose out on added revenue?

Businesses and end users love the idea of never having to fear losing connectivity, even during hurricane season. But as an ISP, you can also enjoy the benefits of added revenue streams, by becoming a redPIPE reseller. First and foremost, by using redPIPE, you avoid having to invite your competitors into your relationship with end users. In addition, through the redPIPE reseller program, you'll enjoy thousands of dollars of yearly revenue, just for offering a service that your end users will thank you for.

Hurricane season doesn't mean loss of Internet connectivity

Hurricane season is an anxious time for people who are affected by these storms. Catastrophes can change lives forever. But for business owners, the anxiety is heightened even more, thanks to the constant fear that at any moment, they may fall off line and lose customers and money.

This anxiety can be avoided by the power of wireless internet backup service, as provided by redPIPE.

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