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redPIPE Wireless to attend FISPA and WISP this year

Certain organizations and events are pivotal toward helping a business hone its craft and remain on the cutting edge of technology. redPIPE, the country's leading provider of 3G/4G/LTE failover internet services, is proud to announce that we are attending two of the most important and relevant trade shows and conferences in the field of internet service: FISPA and WISPA.

WISP America 2014 takes place this year from March 24 - March 27, at the Marriott Hotel in Little Rock Arkansas. WISP America is an annual conference and tradeshow dedicated to the wireless internet service provider industry. With nearly 800 members consisting of wireless internet service providers, equipment manufacturers, service vendors and more, WISPA has solidified itself as a leader in helping companies push the boundaries of our industry.As a member of WISPA, redPIPE is a part of a community dedicated toward helping ISPs provide the best, complete package possible for their end users.

FISPA's Summer Meeting - FISPA's Summer Meeting takes place in Atlanta, GA, from June 16 - June 18. Founded in 1996, FISPA provides leadership in helping small and mid-sized CLECs and service providers offer the best possible product and service for end users by making it easier to be a service provider. FISPA members learn how to compete against and work with incumbent carriers, and dubs itself as the "How To Association for CLECs and Service Providers." As a company focused on helping ISPs gain independence from their competitors, redPIPE supports and pushes the core mission of FISPA.

When taken separately, either of these associations offers a service provider the tools, and community, to excel in the field of wireless internet. However, at redPIPE, we don't just want to excel - we want to be the best provider for our clients. That's why we're attending both trade shows and conferences, not only so that we can be exposed to the latest technologies, but also to share all that we've learned as the country's leading provider of 3G/4G/LTE Internet services.

Who is redPIPE?

redPIPE offers backup internet and failover internet service for ISPs looking to eliminate the need to install a competitor's Internet service in their customer's business. Furthermore, as a redPIPE reseller, our clients enjoy a new residual revenue stream that allows them to reap the benefits of keeping their service (and backup service) in-house. With redPIPE, your end users never have to know your backup service comes from us. It's packaged and redistributed under your branding, so that your end users know that you provide the complete internet service package.

What to expect at these upcoming conferences

redPIPE encourages internet providers to consider going to either of these conferences to not only get connected to the latest technologies and advancements in our field, but to also connect with the industry leaders. Leaders, such as redPIPE, can offer you a solution that not only garners more business and customer loyalty, but also provides you additional income without much time or effort committed on your part.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming FISPA and WISP America events. If you have any questions about redPIPE prior to then, we encourage you to contact us directly.

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