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The Easy Steps to Earn More Revenue with redPIPE

Earning more revenue for your business can be tricky. You don't want to hurt your end-users by raising prices, but you do want to find a way to keep more dollars within your company's coffers at the end of each month. That's what makes redPIPE a brilliant choice for ISP companies. By becoming a redPIPE reseller, you instantly begin to enjoy an additional revenue stream, without having to necessarily impact your end users.

While this sounds too good to be true, it isn't. Regardless, many companies want to know more about what it takes, and what's involved, in becoming a redPIPE reseller. Here's a breakdown to make the decision easier for you.

Who is redPIPE?

redPIPE is a nationwide provider of 3G, 4G and LTEdata services. Our main mission as a company is to allow you, as a redPIPE reseller, to provide failover connection to your end users, while also earning new revenue.

But why do you need to become a redPIPE reseller?

Well, let's face it. Internet connections fail. It's not a matter of if, but when. Remarkably, 90% of these failures occur in the last mile of a connection, as a result of perhaps a construction crew cutting your feed, or rainwater wreaking havoc on wiring. As an ISP, you know about this pitfall, so you look to companies that provide failover internet service, so that your end users can remain connected.

In other words, you outsource your failover service ... to your competition. Wouldn't you prefer not to open the door to your competitors?

That's where redPIPE comes in. By becoming a redPIPE reseller, you not only keep control of your service in-house, but you earn residual income and offer your end users a connection that isn't subjected to the same interruptions as a land-based connection.

Benefits to resellers

As a redPIPE reseller, you'll enjoy benefits you simply cannot find from other providers. This includes:

  1. A new revenue stream
  2. Free static IP address (which may cost up to $500 from other providers)
  3. Fast failover internet speeds
  4. Month to month contracts (rather than long-term contracts)
  5. No monthly device fees

So, how do you become a redPIPE reseller?

It's as simple as visiting us online and filling out an application. We'll then assess your application and, once it's approved, you'll be given your account credentials, from which you can sign in and browse our store for pricing and data plans that meet your needs.

Once you become a redPIPE reseller, you'll notice some one-time fees, including a $50 activation fee (which you pass on to your end-users at a suggested cost of $75), as well as prorated billing costs and applicable taxes.

Of course all of these costs can be, and are, passed on to your end user. In case you're a bit unsure of how this works, let's provide some examples:

Let's say that you get 10 lines of the 1GB plan. Your price is $35, but the suggested sale price to your end users is $52.50 (a $17.50 per line markup). By the end of one year, you'll enjoy $2,100 in additional revenue. Now let's say you have 100 lines with the 5GBplan. Your yearly projection jumps to $2,700. Of course you're free to sell your services at any price, so your final projected revenue could be higher or lower, based on your preference. Also keep in mind that these projections don't factor in any hardware or activation fees, areas that you certainly can pass down to your end user.

Data Pooling

Our clients have realized the power of data pooling. This is where they see significant boost in their additional revenue. Let's say that you have 100 lines, and apply 90 lines to the 1GB plan and 10 lines to the 10GB plan. You could boost your revenue by another $3,000 on top of what you'd normally earn by what's outlined above. Switch it to 95 lines of 1GB and 5 lines of 10GB (so long as your clients' needs are still met) and you boosted your earnings by an additional $7,000.

It quickly becomes obvious that wisely managing your data pooling is how you can enjoy significant revenue as a redPIPE reseller.

The flexibility of redPIPE

Our goal at redPIPE is to make it as easy as possible for you and your end users to enjoy the benefits of a 3G/4G/LTE failover internet service, which is why we are flexible with our equipment. If your end users already have the proper equipment, there's no need for you to order the hardware. You simply need to order what you need. And, if you're not sure what you need, we'll work closely with you to ensure that you and your end users are correctly connected.

Once you become a reseller, you'll realize how easy it is to earn additional revenue while providing your end users with a service that's reliable and user-friendly. Learn more with redPIPE today.

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