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Helping Clients Find the Right Failover Internet Solution

In a wireless world where every business is online, and telecommuters are increasing in ranks, lost or down time could mean thousands of dollarsMost of your clients are looking for ways to set up a failover connection that works seamlessly, meaning that if their cable ISP goes down, even for one hour, they’d have no idea that a connection was lost, because their backup plan kicked in automatically. This means that a user’s full computer access, including all cloud-based apps, would remain connected without the user having to manually switch wires or do anything that would involve any time of setup. Do you offer this kind of option for your clients?


What Your Clients Believe

Unfortunately, at-home users might be led to believe that their only option would be to get a DSL and use a DUAL WAN router, which can be configured for seamless failover. But is that truly a solid failover choice? If the power is out in your home or business, how can you expect to trust a failover service that relies on the very source of power that has failed? 

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to pack up their office and move to a free Wi-Fi coffee shop (not that that is a true “luxury”). A good deal of your clients are people who are committed to a specific location, and need their internet to be reliable where they work. This includes businesses such as retailers and restaurants, who rely on a constant flow of connectivity to run the most basic - as well as complex - day-to-day business operations. 

E-Commerce and Internet Connectivity 

Failed connectivity also affects the growing trend of eCommerce businesses out there. eCommerce businesses depend on their Internet connection not just for transactions, but also to address customer concerns, queries, and more. These stores are built on the web, and can’t afford even one second of lost time.

A More Reliable Choice than Hardware

A hardware failover Internet solution is, indeed, fast, but it’s not reliable. True failover means a solution that will come through in the clutch, no matter what event or disaster takes place. It means having a backup plan that kicks into action seamlessly, so that the user is none the wiser. The 3/G4G/LTE failover service offered by redPIPE is a wireless solution that is more reliable than hardware, and in some cases just as fast. 


Case in Point - Natural Disasters

Hurricanes hit the East Cost yearly. Some years storms go in and out without much problem, while other years - as in the case of Hurricane Irene in 2011 - blackouts occur. In a global climate where you may do business with someone across the country or world, you have to remain connected, even if you’re in the middle of a natural disaster. 

But what happens when you or your clients are suffering from a major blackout? You’ll always hear stories of people turning their cars into their offices, relegating their work to their tablets or phones. 

Sure, this is a viable momentary solution, but what about for long-term? And what about for those businesses who aren’t mobile? What’s their solution? redPIPE is the solution. Providing failover internet connection through 3G/4G/LTE is the most efficient way to offer your clients a backup plan. Better yet, with redPIPE, you maintain complete control over your service, meaning you don’t have to invite others into the mix. By becoming a redPIPE reseller, you repackage the service as your own, and offer your clients the most reliable choice for failover Internet, all under your name or brand. Learn more about how to become a redPIPE reseller and why our 3G/4G/LTE service is the best option for you and your clients. 

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